Power Engineering

Biuro Projektów BIPROSTAL Ltd. exploits its experience in design and supply of equipment and installations in conventional power plants,
heat and power plants and heat generating plants covering the following problems:

•  Technology of heat and electric power generation in coal, brown coal and natural gas fueled plants
•  Heat and electric power generation of bio-mass and communal waste materials
•  Alternative sources of energy
•  Organizing heating systems in plant or municipal scale
•  Management of carburizing and fuel oil
•  Management of furnace waste materials
•  Technology of fumes desulphurization
•  Compressed air management
•  Cooling water systems
•  Management of industrial water
•  Technologies of cleaning and industrial water treatment
•  Technologies of industrial waste waters
Infrastructure of electrical feeding and power output
•  Electric motor rotational speed regulation systems
•  Measurements, protections, and automation of technological processes with use of computer techniques
•  Preparation for machinery overhaul

-  Mechanical Industrial Sewage Treatment Plants
-  Biological Sewage Treatment Plants
-  Air and gasses cleaning installations
-  Industrial and municipal waster utilization plants
-  Oil and sludge sedimentation tanks – mechanical sweep-off gears
-  Stores, silos, tanks and material stores