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General Director of CZPH (Central Comitee for Metallurgical Industry) with Regulation No. 100  regarding “Nowa Huta” Project establishes Metallurgy Engineering and Study Office –  Biprostal


Completion of first stage of construction of Vladimir Lenin Steelworks with productive capacity of 1.5 million tons steel/year


Elaboration of assumptions for Initial Technical Engineering for Vladimir Lenin Steelworks development up to productive capacity of 8-9 million tons steel/year.


Transformation of state-owned Metallurgy Engineering and Study Office –  Biprostal into Private Joint-Stock company named “Biprostal S.A. Engineering and Consulting Company”


Elaboration of “Polish Steel Industry Restructuring Study” for Polish Government in cooperation with Canadian Consortium


Expansion of design engineering services within other industrial branches


Biprostal S.A. implements and applies Quality Management System in scope of technical engineering according to ISO 9001


Biprostal S.A. becomes part of Biuro Projektów „Koksoprojekt” Private Limited Company Capital Group and participates in joint investment projects


Biprostal S.A. is granted a Certificate in Quality Management System according to EN ISO 9001:2000 in scope of engineering and realization of industrial, municipal and environmental protection investments as well as technical, financial and economic consulting


Reconstruction of Electric Furnace Q=30Mg in Huta Batory S.A. in Chorzów as General Contractor – record-breaking realization time of “turnkey” project


Establishment of Biuro Projektów BIPROSTAL Private Limited Company, which takes over the design engineering core of BIPROSTAL S.A. Engineering and Consulting Company