Analyzes feasibility study of investment plans (development, modernization and ecological)

  • Economic and financial analyzes according to the UNIDO methodology for any system required by the institutions
  • Technical and economic studies on the construction of new investments and modernization of existing industrial facilities
  • Analysis of technical condition, expertise of equipment, installations, buildings and structures after many years of operation, assessment of their lifetime
  • Locating and programming of new industrial plants, including site conditions, environmental protection requirements, railway transport conditions, media supply
  • Variant technical and economic analyzes of new and modernized industrial facilities, taking into account the external environment, technology for the production of Environmental Protection requirements
  • Evaluation of projects and conceptual solutions made by other design units
  • Business plan for investment projects
  • Economic consulting in the area of obtaining funds from the European Regional  Development Fund (ERDF) under operational programs:

          - Integrated Regional Development Operational Program
          - Sectoral Operational Program Improvement of the Competitiveness of Enterprises