Design labs

Technological-Mechanical Department

•  Machinery and equipment for metallurgy industry plants:
    - steelworks
    - rolling mills
    - drawing mills
    - cold formed shops
    - steelwork product upgrading shops
•  Machinery and equipment for ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy and coke industries
•  Municipal and industrial waste incineration plants
•  Short-range transporting equipment
•  Material bases
•  Warehouses, storage fields
•  Fuel stations
•  Tanks, silos

Power Engineering Department

•  Electrical power and heating plants
•  Heating stations and boiler houses
•  Air and industrial gases compressor stations
•  Dedusting installations / Dust extraction facilities
•  Heating, ventilation, air conditioning
•  Cooling systems
•  Water pumping stations
•  Water treatment plants
•  Piping networks


Civil Engineering and Architecture Department

•  Industrial Facilities and Buildings
•  Municipal Facilities:

   - market centers
    - cinemas
    - univeristy camps

    - schools
    - hospitals
    - hotels
    - sport facilities

•  Special construction steel and concrete Facilities and Buildings
•  Engineering constructions for machinery, devices and industrial installations

Electrical and Automation Department

• Power stations and networks (medium and low voltage)
• Electrical installations in industrial and general construction buildings
• Power supply, control and regulation systems of technological lines in:
     - metallurgical and industrial facilities
     - heating plants and boiler rooms
     - pumping stations and sewage treatment plants
• "Building Management System" (BMS) systems in public facilities
     - IE control systems for power installations, HVAC, fire protection, access
• Local Computer Networks (LAN)