BIPROSTAL Ltd. is a multi-branch design office providing services in scope of engineering & consulting
as well as preparation and realization of investment process.

 We prepare multi-branch technical documentation in all stages of investment process
   for newly-designed or existing installations and industrial facilities undergoing modernization:
   -  Conceptual Designs
   -  Technical Analyses
   -  Technical-Economical Analyses
   -  Feasibility Studies
   -  Building Permit Designs
   -  Basic Designs
   -  Detail Engineering
   -  Bills of Quantities
   -  Cost Estimates
   -  Shop Engineering
   -  Technical Inspection Documentation
   -  Construction Models in 3d
   -  As-built Documentation
•  We prepare aplications together with formal documentation for procedures regarding administrative decisions:
   -  Land Development Conditions
   -  Environmental Decisions
   -  Tree removal Permits
   -  Derogations of Technical Conditions
   -  Registration of Air Traffic Obstacles
•  We offer expert consulting regarding technical conditions of constructions, buildings, machinery and technolgical installations:

   -  Evaluations of Technical Conditions
   -  Technical and strength endurance Expertises
   -  Finite Element Method (FEM) Modelling
•  We prepare and conduct tender process for Investors, analyse and rate received proposals in reference to Client's requirements
•  We act as General Manager, General Contractor or Project Supervisor during investment process
•  We perform Author's Supervision or provide assistance in Investor's Supervision
•  We take part in assembly, start-up and technical acceptance of equipment and technological installations